Sundarika Bartika

Welcome To Sundarika Bartika

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As I begin to write I can feel an exceptional sensation in me , since today Sundarika Bartika completes its Thirty years of service to the people.

The experience gathered through these years  helps  to understand between good and the bad, charity and development, achievement and failure and above all a gain in self confidence amongst  the team members.  The confidence, I believe, is the key to future success.

 As development workers we can share on thoughts and experience.  But should leave it upon the peoples and experts to judge our failure and success. All that I am say regarding Sundarika Bartika is that the organisation which was started by a single individual, today has  more than 30 people engage for the cause.  They are dedicated and sincere in their effort to serve the people, while a handful are full time, some are part time and others provides their voluntary but valuable support.


The works as the initial stage was physical and culture based but today organisation is involved in activities such as education, awareness building, self help group- income generation for the benefit of women and children.  This has been possible due to people participation in the programmes. 

The focus of  Sundarika Bartika’s work has always rural and Tribal area-  to fight against all sorts of oppression and set out on a journey with three goals:

  • Human Resource Development
  • Socio-economic Development
  • Conservation of Natural Resource and Environment
  • Development of Agriculture, Cottage Industries, Animal-husbandry, etc.



  • Development of Education in rural & tribal area.
  • To aware the masses in the field of Health, Education, Social & Culture, Developmental scheme.
  • Development & Welfare of disabled persons, women, SC-ST and other weaker section of the community.
  • Development of Agriculture, Cottage Industries, Animal-husbandry, etc.
  • Development and Conservation of Environment, Natural Resources , and wate-land.
  • Promotion of National Harmony among the people-children, juvenile, youth through physical & cultural activities.
  • Development of working Children and Women and provide opportunity to the Youth & Women for participation in the community development .
  • To provide opportunity of Vocational Training and also Production centre of various trades at the village & slum level.
  • To eradicate rural poverty through Socio-economic and Integrated R / D Programme.
  • To establish self-reliance and self-supported community.


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