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The philosophy guiding youth development programs-that resilience and competency building are central to helping youth navigate adolescence in healthy ways-provides the groundwork for an exciting and promising array of programs for adolescents. Despite the number of programs or the importance of their objectives, whether they promote healthy adolescent development remains unclear because the definition of youth development programs is elusive and evolving. Drawing on both the literature and the results from a survey of highly regarded youth development programs, this article examines 3 defining characteristics of the youth development program-program goals, atmosphere, and activities. 

The results suggest a provisional definition of youth development programs based on the prevalent aspects of the goals, atmosphere, and activities reported by respondents. Youth development programs seek not only to prevent adolescents from engaging in health-compromising behaviors but to build their abilities and competencies. They do this by increasing participants’ exposure to supportive and empowering environments where activities create multiple opportunities for a range of skill-building and horizon-broadening experiences. The operational definitions of the 3 features of youth development programs can serve as the starting point for the development of better measures to assess the type and quality of experiences youth experience through participation in youth development programs, and the programs’ effectiveness at promoting positive developmental outcomes.
Sports brings cultures together and bridges gaps between countries and across generations. It is recognized as an essential element of learning through physical activities and games. These activities have been a great motivator to enhance the spirit of learning and leadership, especially amongst rural children. The program uses sports and activities as a tool for developers to bring about positive changes.


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 The various departments of Sundarika Bartika are supervised by the department heads (co-ordinator) who in turn responsible to the Secretary. Sundarika Bartika is currently, working in two districts of West Bengal,( Diamond Harbour Block-II, Mathurapur Block-II of South 24 Parganas and Baghmundi & Bundwan Block of Purulia District) and it provides two kinds of services: Community Based Rehabilitation and Institutional. The focus of Sundarika Bartika is work has always rural minorities and Tribal area- to fight against all sorts of oppression and set out on a journey with three goals: