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Malnutrition in India is a serious condition which needs to be tackled on an immediate basis. With research and reports revealing the severity of malnutrition in India, it is time to join hands with the government of India to accelerate the remedial measures to a much wider scale across India.
Education is the most powerful tool to break the inter-generational cycle of poverty – it helps overcome inequalities, promotes inclusive development, accelerates social transformation and is critical to realize human potential towards economic progress. Ours is the age of the knowledge economy. Only quality education for every child can help us achieve the goal of long-term economic and social equity we all are working towards.
The aims of the Awareness programme on Women & Child Development is to empower the community area by creating awareness on maternal health entitlements and enabling them to raise their voices to ensure service delivery and enhance accountability. 
Good health is a precursor to a good education and a financially independent life. But while a privileged few are willing and able to afford home check-ups and expensive treatments, most of the people living in semi-urban and rural areas are complete strangers to professional health care practices. With this in mind, Deepalaya launched the Community Health programme, a multi-faceted project that focuses on establishing sustainable practices and spreading awareness regarding preventive and promotive health among the rural masses.


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 The various departments of Sundarika Bartika are supervised by the department heads (co-ordinator) who in turn responsible to the Secretary. Sundarika Bartika is currently, working in two districts of West Bengal,( Diamond Harbour Block-II, Mathurapur Block-II of South 24 Parganas and Baghmundi & Bundwan Block of Purulia District) and it provides two kinds of services: Community Based Rehabilitation and Institutional. The focus of Sundarika Bartika is work has always rural minorities and Tribal area- to fight against all sorts of oppression and set out on a journey with three goals: